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Truck and Van Accessories

There are many options when choosing work truck accessories and cargo van accessories. Cargo van accessories like racking that hold ladders, PVC pipes, lumber, and other items, keeping them secure and out of the cargo area. Tool storage is another common concern and there are many different drawers, bins, shelving, and modular units from which to choose.

Tool storage is one of the most commonly sought after types of truck and cargo van accessories, but safety features come in at a close second. Experts advise carrying warning and searchlights in any work truck so that in the event of an emergency they are available. It is a requirement for most work vehicles to have certain types of warning or emergency lights in or on the vehicle.

Interior lighting is another popular work truck accessories. Van and truck interior lighting is used for mobile offices as well as the cargo area of a work van. Proper lighting allows for adequate visibility of items, materials, and tools that are stored in the bins, drawers, and shelves.

When thinking about cargo van and truck accessories, tool storage is usually what comes to mind first, but other items such as power inverters, tie downs, vents, and work carts are all integral pieces to be included as well.

For vehicles that make stops on the roadway, triangle reflector kits and front bumper cone holders are a necessity. Another smart safety feature is a good back up alarm. It is also wise to include a good first aid kit in any work truck or van. Safety is always a priority.