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Van Shelving

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Van Shelving Systems

Cargo van shelving systems keep tools, equipment, and materials organized inside the vehicle and prevent work materials from moving and shifting while the vehicle is in motion. Storage systems can be contained in one part of the van or can line both walls from floor to ceiling, the entire length of the cargo area. The arrangement depends upon the demands of the business and personal taste of the individual.

Van shelving systems can be mounted on either side of your van, even over the wheel wells. Each shelf has a high front and rear lip to keep items from falling while the van is in motion. With a wide variety of van shelves and bins combinations available, these shelving systems can typically be laid out to fit your individual needs.

Our storage bin shelves are not exclusively van equipment. Box truck shelving can also use these types of bins to organize the truck bed or the area behind the seats. This type of modular storage is used in both vans and trucks because the system can be built to the user’s specifications.

With van shelving systems and box truck Shelving, it is easy to turn a regular truck or van into a work vehicle or "Mobile Workshop". Keeping your tools and parts organized and easily available will save you time and money on each and every job!