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Truck Equipment

Outfitting a truck or van to be used as a work vehicle often involves the use of specific accessories to facilitate carrying and storing of tools, equipment, and materials. Pickup truck equipment can range from ladder racks to van and pickup storage boxes. The various cabinets, boxes, racks, and drawers aid in organizing tools and materials so they are easy to access. Organization accessories are also a safety feature, as they prevent loose cargo from shifting during transport, potentially interfering with the driver’s ability to effectively and safely operate the vehicle.

It is common to place a pickup storage box under or behind the seats, even if the truck is not being used as a work vehicle. Storage bins can also be placed in the truck bed, although this does take up bed space and limit the hauling capacity of the vehicle. The addition of pickup racks helps to increase the hauling ability. Pickup truck equipment like racks can prove to be quite useful, especially when hauling longer items like pipe or boards. Some racks have tubes or covered areas for materials, protecting them from weather and debris they may come in contact with during transport.

Pickup truck equipment can simplify the work process and cut down on fuel usage and operational expenses. Useful pickup truck equipment, such as a hitch vise mount, allow standard workshop equipment to be used on the spot, out in the field, as the need arises. These useful accessories eliminate the need to return to a brick and mortar shop to complete many tasks turning a work truck or van into a mobile workshop.