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Bulkhead Partitions

Van bulkhead partitions are used to separate the cargo area of the van from the seating area or cab in vans that are used as work vans or to carry cargo. This partition helps to keep the cargo contained so it cannot shift, move, or interfere with the driver or passenger.

Partitions for the most part are constructed with solid steel panels with some having perforations on the wings and in the middle, to allow for visibility out of the vehicle. Another option is to have a door or removable center panel providing access to the back cargo area. Partitions are also available made from open, expanded metal, which allows complete visibility, while still protecting the driver and passenger from shifting loads, but do not contain heat or A/C to the cabin area.

Van partitions are bolted to the floor, door pillar and roof of the van using supplied special brackets. While some prefer to weld their partition in place, most prefer the less permanent bracket and bolt method, which make it easier to remove or make adjustments at some point in the future.