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Truck Boxes

Trucks come in different size and designs but one thing they all need is a truck tool box. At American Van, we possess vast experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality functional equipment and accessories for both vans and trucks. Our new range of truck tool boxes and storage box are designed to help owners optimize their vans.

Since 1978, our team at American Van has been manufacturing and supplying high-quality van and truck accessories at the best prices. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure we deliver customer-centered products. Our team listens to the needs of our customers and comes up with the best solutions. This is the motivation behind our truck boxes.

Helping our Customer Deliver Quality Services

We understand that with the stiff competition in the service industry, only those service providers who maintain a state of readiness, are the ones who are able to deliver high standards of workmanship. Our equipment helps you store all your tools and equipment in one place making it easier to access them when you are on site. The last thing a client would like to hear is that you have misplaced a particular tool. Our truck tool boxes are versatile and can be used in all types of vans.

Our truck storage box provide safe storage for the tools of your trade, to help you deliver better services, that in turn earn you loyal customers. Our job boxes come in a variety of sizes and designs, all provide safe storage for a wide variety of tools. Our tool boxes also feature high strength tamper-proof locks. The fact that most of the tools you use are expensive necessitates the safest storage.

Organized Van Floor

Maximize the available space in your van by keeping your tools and equipment off the floor. More importantly, you avert any accidents that would have occurred in a disorganized van space. These tool boxes can be secured on the floor of your truck. An organized van also enhances productivity as your workers will not waste time looking for particular tools. Once you get to the site, you know where the tools are and it will be easier to set up and get started.

Whatever the size of van and truck job boxes you need, we have them for you. Our inventory includes topside boxes, under-bed boxes, crossover truck boxes, high capacity chests, site boxes, portable boxes and many others.