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Truck Boxes

Outfitting a work truck or van takes careful consideration of both available space and needs. Truck tool boxes provide covered, secure storage and are made to fit within the truck bed or cargo area of a van. Some truck boxes secure to the trailer tongue, freeing up room in the bed of the truck. These truck bed tool boxes come in a variety of shapes and sizes. While most will conform to almost any truck make or model, there are some that are specific to certain makes of truck.

Underbed boxes and trailer tongue boxes are installed outside of the truck bed so that the bed space is not impacted. The underbed tool box for truck is mounted underneath the bed just behind the rear wheel providing storage for equipment, tools, and material. Trailer tongue boxes are mounted on the tongue of a trailer so that neither the trailer bed or truck bed are impacted.

Most van equipment can be easily transferred to a truck, as many van accessories work well in both trucks and vans. Many of the storage options used for vans can be used in trucks, but when secure storage is needed, a tool box for truck is the answer. These truck bed tool boxes are built to withstand the elements and any tampering. Truck boxes feature high strength locks, keeping what’s inside secure.

There are truck tool boxes to fit every need and every space. Outfitting a work truck was never so easy.