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We make some great products from steel but we also realize that many of the customers have critical issues regarding fuel economy, payload and GVW. That's why we are the first manufacturer in the USA to develop aluminum shelving and van equipment. This new aluminum van equipment is at least 30% lighter than steel yet through design and engineering it has the strength and rigidity you have become accustomed to in all our equipment. This equipment will save you hundreds of dollars every year!

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About American Van Equipment

American Van Equipment began manufacturing and supplying local companies with ladder racks and van shelving in 1978. From the very start our goal was to provide top quality products at fair prices which when selling to a small community of customers is essential if you are going to build a successful business. As the company grew the merchandise line was expanded and the decision was made to develop a catalog displaying all our products that would enable us to broaden our market by mailing into other areas. This single decision enabled us to take our local small town ethic of top quality and fair prices to servicemen and contractors all across America. CONTINUE READING...

The Evolution of the American Van [Infographic]

See how the American work van has changed through out the years.

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