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Pick-up Desks

Mobile desk for Pickup trucks is the accessories you didn't know you needed until you have it installed. After all, the ability to transform your truck into a workstation on the fly will change how you do business. The mobile desks come in large and small sizes to suit a wide range of work needs and types. You can even obtain models that include file cabinet space, drink holders and locking features in addition to the ever-versatile, flat top writing area.

The mobile desks for pickup provide you with a place to fill out paperwork or jot down notes about the job. You can store your measuring tape, flashlight or writing supplies inside the small compartment under the lid. A cup holder on the front of the console does not just store drinks. The cups can hold everything from a pack of chewing gum to your phone with ease.

If you need truck office console with a little more room inside, consider the lock box unit instead. The rectangular desk fits securely between the seats to act as a comfortable armrest. A lid on the top edge of the desk keeps your clipboard and pen in place while driving down the road. The hinged top flips open to allow access to the deep inner compartment.

For a complete transformation from simple work vehicle to mobile office truck, install the truck office console or mobile desk featuring a full-sized file cabinet beneath the secure locking lid. The desk features a small hole for charging cords designed for laptops, tablets, phone or other mobile office equipment. You can hang letter or legal sized files in the compartment to keep your important documents safe and secure.

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