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Van storage needs are often easily remedied with the use of modular storage. We have several storage systems that will work perfectly for you depending on your needs. Whether you need many trays or multiple doors, we have options to serve your full size van storage needs. Some of our van bin systems have stackable shelf levels so that depending on the tools and parts that you need to store, there is a place for them. Our MSU-70 unit has everything from a catalog rack to both large and small parts drawers. It even has a lockable storage compartment at the base for those valuables that can’t be left out. Our MSU-49 Modular Storage Unit takes it one step further and adds in compartment van shelving with bins. You would be hard pressed to find another storage unit that functions as well as this model.

Perhaps you need smaller options for your storage. The MSU-30 offers small drawers to manage all of those little items that need organizing, as well as some larger drawers for larger parts and tools. Or perhaps you need one that does double duty as both storage and a worktop. The MSU-25 has a 42” composite desk/worktop as well as numerous drawers for both smaller and larger items. It also has the lockable storage compartment at the base, perhaps for your larger, more expensive tools. Click on the links below and see which of our units will simplify your storage needs. With this many options, there will undoubtedly be one that will suit you.