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Top Three Work Van Accessories Used for Camper and RV Conversions

Aug 31, 2015

The ever-versatile work van makes a great camping vehicle with the right set of conversion components. You can use work van accessories to gear up your van for long vacations on the road. The accessories allow you to store necessary supplies, create usable electricity, and light up your surroundings. Here are three work van accessories you must use while converting your vehicle to camping mode:

Storage Equipment

Without purpose-built storage units, you may find all of your camping supplies hard to sort through and keep organized. Luckily, you can equip your van with deck storage, wall shelves, upper cabinets, and paperwork racks to keep your supplies tucked away in precise locations. The benefit of using these dedicated racks is, as you drive, you will not have camping equipment sliding around while moving around corners or suddenly braking. If you frequently camp at desolate locations, you may even want to add a mobile cleaning station to the back of your work van for a nice place to wash up. The washing station can also hold all of your favorite cleaning products to keep your camping sessions as sanitary as possible.

Power Inverters

Unless you regularly secure powered RV spots at established campgrounds, you may be hard pressed to run your electronics while out camping. The ability to keep your battery charger, air compressor, and other electronic equipment running, even in the most desolate of areas, goes a long way toward preventing costly breakdowns. These power inverters also allow you to outfit your camping vehicle with a refrigerator, oven, and standalone heating system. You must tally up all of your power requirements to find an inverter that produces enough electricity to run all of your components. You can also run dual power inverters if you want to keep certain items on separate circuits.

Specialty Lighting

The average work van has a simple dome light up front and a bar light in the cargo space. You can install specialty lighting accessories, however, to dramatically brighten up those areas. The addition of long fluorescent fixtures or LED bulb upgrades brightens up the work van to allow late night games, reading sessions or meals out of the elements. You can even put the light fixtures on a switch for instant activation when needed. All work van accessories work on a 12-volt switch to run directly off your battery. Of course, you can add even more lighting options if your work van is equipped with a specialized power inverter box.

Hitting the Road

After equipping your vehicle with all of the desired work van accessories, take a test run to a nearby campground to see how your components accommodate your needs. As you enjoy the camping experience, take note of any difficulties you experience on your way. You should also determine if your work van met all of your needs as a camping vehicle. Of course, you can always consider adding more accessories, such as a roof rack to transport your recreational gear or more shelves to hold your outdoor hobby supplies, if needed. By the end of the season, your camping vehicle will have all of the accessories you’ll need to facilitate fun and safe excursions.

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