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When you spend a lot of time in your truck the small amenities really start to matter. The ability to keep your coffee, phone, gum and other supplies nearby makes a huge difference in your comfort level from day to day. You can achieve supreme comfort by fitting your work vehicle with a work console.

The truck console comes in small and full sizes to fit in any type of work van. The console sits securely on the floor without tipping or sliding when driving around corners. The tall, yet thin profile often fits directly between bucket seats to also act as an extended armrest. The front of the console features two high quality cup holders that keep drinks from spilling during the ride.

The truck console organizer also offers a deep compartment for storing folded documents, maps, CDs, chewing gum, flashlights, and other small supplies. The lid even locks in case you want to provide your belongings with an extra layer of security when you're away from the vehicle.

The 12-inch lid gives you enough space to fill out documents or write notes for clients without leaving your mobile office space. You can slip the documents into one of the two side pockets or use that area to store your favorite books or magazines. In addition to the main functions, the consoles complete the look of your mobile office. Available console colors include black and gray tones to perfectlyn match your interior components.